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Meet Matt, Co-Founder and Chief Biscuit Tester here at Rolley. Matt talks about his experiences setting up a start-up, what makes Rolley unique, and his favourite confectionery!

What was your motivation for starting Rolley? Tell us about your journey so far.

Rolley officially kicked off in February earlier this year, with my brother Chris and I deciding to join forces after both working as developers for other agencies over the years. We started Rolley to not only empower businesses to reach their full potential through our fully bespoke client-tailored software solutions, but also provide helpful advice along the way.

How did you find the process of launching a brand-new start up?

Getting to grips with the business side of things has been a bit of a baptism of fire, but I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed it! It hasn’t come without its challenges and moments of feeling overwhelmed, but I’ve received some really great support along the way.  For example, LaunchPad were instrumental in setting up Rolley, they provided us with financial excel models, business advice and everything in between.

Plus, there’s so many great digital services out there these days that help reduce some of the heavy lifting when it comes to the business admin. The developer in me means I’m constantly on the lookout for the best platforms to make our ‘behind the scenes’ processes as slick and efficient as possible. In the future, I’d like to spotlight some of these tools, hopefully they might be able to help you and your business too, so stick around for future updates!

What would you say sets Rolley apart from other development agencies out there? 

We like to think it’s our blend of skills. Our 3D, AR & VR expertise enables us to do some really creative and innovative stuff, but it’s our ability to apply this technology across a range of situations and industries that we think truly sets us apart.  Whether that’s a specification tool enabling users to design and build custom solutions, an interactive 3D product showcasing its key features on your website or an AR based game that helps educate and tell a story, we like helping clients discover the art of what’s possible. 

Since starting Rolley, what’s been your favourite highlight?

I think the move to DMC has been a big part of the success, it’s a great office space, some fantastic companies and a great collaborative environment, but for me it was the first day that Chris, Dan and I were in the office together - that’s when I knew setting up Rolley was the best decision I’ve made (in my career - just in-case my wife reads this!)

And finally, the answer we all want to know, what’s your favourite biscuit? 

It’s got to be Cadbury Chocolate Fingers, it’s scary how fast a box of these disappear! 

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