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Breaking the Web Developer’s Code: Development’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed

For those of you who don't remember this 90’s cult classic, Breaking The Magician’s Code took viewers behind the curtain, shedding light on the methods behind some of the most logic-defying tricks and illusions in the world of magic. 

As you might expect, this didn’t go down too well in the magic community, effectively exposing a magician’s life’s work as nothing more than a strategically placed mirror and a dodgy looking body double. But despite the criticism, it made immersive viewing to learn how the seemingly impossible had been made possible, and in a weird way made the tricks all the more impressive. 

So what’s this got to do with web development? Well, as a non developer working for a development agency, I often find myself asking the same question of my colleagues as I did of that magician, ‘How did they do that?’ 

In fact, when I do ask how something's been done Matt's favourite response tends to be this GIF: 

But after years of watching my colleagues create magic on the web, Matt finally let me see behind the development curtain, introducing me to the headless CMS solution, Directus

Now it would be unfair to make direct comparisons between Directus and the divisive Masked Magician. Their core audience is developers and since launching in 2020, they have already amassed a large and loyal developer community who use the platform on a daily basis. In fact, we’ll shortly be releasing another blog documenting Matt’s Directus journey so far and why the platform works so well for him in his development role. Keep an eye out for this in the next couple of weeks. 

But where similarities can be drawn, is the way in which Directus gifts a non technical user like me the ability to recreate some of the development magic myself, allowing me to spin up my own web solutions using the building blocks given to me by Matt and the great folks over at Directus. 

From CMS websites to recognition platforms to 3D product builders and everything else in between, we’re yet to find a user case that Directus is unable to handle. The beauty being that once the development groundwork has been laid, Rolley’s clients have the power to create their own custom pages, experiences and websites using the intuitive tools provided through the Directus back-end using a no-code approach

In our opinion it’s a game changer for clients who are looking for bespoke solutions and functionality while remaining in control. It also means clients are not beholden to expensive ongoing development costs for every update and new instance they’d like spinning up. Abracadabra! 

So, if you have a solution with a CMS element in mind, we’d love to see how we can help you. 

Rather than blinding you with magic, let us give you the tools to create the magic yourself

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